Monday, 14 September 2009

Studying is... Hard.

I haven't studied for such a long time and I have completely forgotten how hard it is. And maybe how to study at all.

My coursework for Human Biology fell through the door at the weekend. Sociology appeared the week before it and although challenging... I find it interesting so it helps more. Biology. Wow. Its, hard. And at times, dull as dish water! Amino acids, polypeptides... and I have only done one chapter.

I have this worried feeling. If I find the start of these Highers so difficult. What hope is there for me for doing the degree? What if I'm not cut out for studying and learning at an advanced level?

I know that I am probably just worrying because its all so new. And I should really get back to studying instead of farting about on the computer (if I spent as much time at studying instead of nursing my facebook addiction then maybe I wouldn't even be worrying at all?????).

Tonight I get to go back to my Monday night volunteering. Yaaaayyyy!

I love it and I'm looking forward to it soooo much.

My other volunteering is going to take a little longer. I go tomorrow for the first time however I need to send off an disclosure form. I'm off to London next week so need my passport so will not be able to send it off until after then. Will also need to find my birth certificate. And who knows where I will have put that - a safe place in my house is never, ever findable again!lol

Well. I'm going to make myself look at these books again.

Its all very scary.


  1. Welcome to the real world of Farty Facebook obsession and Students studying..... not !
    I'm ( We as in most of the class) are the same, Facebooking when we should be studying. I sasy Ban it all..........or join my team on Mafia wars at least and My City of Liesopolis.
    Keep up the malingering, you have a reputation to uphold Shoegal. :-D

  2. hihihihi facebook obsession, if it weren't for facebook, i would already learned several foreign languages and published at least two books ;)
    good luck with biology though ;)